Saver Scandinavia is an expanding B2B wholesaler, based in Stockholm.

We solve issues that every retailer has,
we help the client to find a new home for slowmoving/nonmoving retailgoods.

Working with all of Scandinavia and Europe, we assist retailers, onliners, distributors and wholesalers in moving their
goods. We help when the local market is standing still or has slowed down. We work with End Of Life-models, overstocks, clearancedeals and help
you to free your cashflow when too much tied up into nonmoving goods.

We have a wide range of different products. However, the quality is the first priority for us. We are specialized in Audio,Headphones,Bluetooth devices and accesories/gaming. If you inquire more information don’t hesitate to contact one of our representatives.

Our company started 2017 in Stockholm with hardwork and dedication for the best quality and fastest shipment avaliable. Our office is located in the southern part of Stockholm with access to ship everywhere in europe. Currently we’re 4 employees working hard togheter to grow and create something longstanding. Thanks to the number of partnerships we have created around the industry we have gained access to an exponetial growth in recent years and are looking to continue this growth with the partners we have aquired during this time.